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Your website needs to be constantly updated

When it all began, the function of a company website was to have a presentation, almost like an online brochure, giving clients and potential client’s information about the company. And that was pretty much it. It was fairly static with very few changes here and there, often done by a web master.

Today a website is a whole different matter. You want to keep your website constantly updated with news, offers, blog posts, twitter messages, links to facebook etc. Your website needs to be alive – a place where people visit often, just to check out what is going on. And preferably you want to do all this yourself! You don’t want to depend on an external web master doing the uploading of text and new images. First of all because it will slow you down, but most importantly, it will be too costly. In order words, you want a good, easy to use Content Management System that allows you to become the one in charge of your website!

For Redline it is fundamental to give this content management system to our clients – helping them make their website a place that is alive, constantly changing, just like life!

We offer website design and construction using a popular content management system and on top of that we include hours of tutorial in our prices so that our clients can actually learn how to use their website. This means that we build the websites and often our clients do not need to contact us for any changes – leaving them with a practical vehicle; their new website, for capturing clients and always updating their existing clients.



When Icon Publishing, the company in charge of excellent local publications such as Society Marbella, the new FOC magazine and Confeti, needed new websites for all their different publications they decided to come to Redline. For a publication magazine it is more important than in any other sector to have an easy updatable website. And it is crucial to have a website so that the staff already working on the publications can update themselves without having to rely on an external person slowing down the process and incurring unnecessary costs.

Features like easy updatable advertising banners on the site, an easy to use business directory, event calendar and potential franchising were all important to Icon Publishing. And of course the speed of which the sites could be built and up and running, looking professional with an excellent design.

“We are so pleased with our new sites”, says Annalisa from Icon Publishing.”I am in charge of keeping the sites up to date all the time and it has never been easier. I log in through the content management system and here I can add and amend as much as I want. Also images can easily be updated. Our excellent Society Marbella site is updated monthly by Redline, to change the style and colours which reflects the latest issue of our magazine – that creates a great synergy. We wouldn’t be able to do this without Redline. Redline has been great creating the sites. The speed of the construction of the sites along with the professional design and the great tutorial has helped me a lot”, adds Annalisa.

Please visit: www.societymarbella.com or www.focmagazine.com to check out the sites.


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