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Why strong project management is the secret to Redline Company’s clients’ success

Project management is the secret to success

As Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail’.  Planning is the principle behind project management.

Project Management can often seem like a catch all phrase for admin tasks, but in reality, it is far more important. It is arguably the single most important element of any project be it online advertising, PPC management or website design and development; it could mean the difference between delivering work on time and on-budget or failing to reach targets and deadlines. This is why every Redline client is guaranteed a dedicated project manager, when outsourcing their marketing to us.

So, what is project management?

In simple terms project management encompasses planning, organising and overseeing all elements of a project. A project manager must be pedantic and have an eye for detail. In other words, the project manager is the person who cracks the whip to make sure everyone is working together and no one drops a ball, in order to achieve the desired goals, before the deadline, on budget and to the client’s satisfaction.

Communication is the key

The project manager is the gel holding the entire project together through regular and clear communication, liaising with all contractors and clients to bring the project successfully to a completion.

To manage a project successful, it is necessary to communicate with all parties effectively, to make sure they understand the brief and that there are no impediments to completion and deal with any issues as they arise.

Clearly defined responsibilities

This process is the same regardless of the industry, whether project managing an interior design project or a digital marketing strategy, all goals, expectations, responsibilities and roles must be clearly defined. Each member of the team must be 100 per cent clear on their objectives in order to focus their efforts in the right direction.

Within Redline Company it is necessary to project manage multiple channels, for example, when designing and developing a website, it would be necessary to first plan the wireframe, create the website design, plan and produce the content, produce design files for the web developers to program the site, whilst the online marketing team work on search engine optimisation. All of these elements must be delivered at a specific time, if one person is late, it has a knock-on effect and could delay the completion.

20/80 pareto rule

The pareto rule is a project management system used to improve efficiency based on the theory that 80% of results can be achieved by focusing on the most important 20% activities.  By working smart, identifying and prioritising the most important elements it is possible to focus on the tasks that will achieve better results.

The principle should only be used as a guide line and the effectiveness will depend upon the type of client and project.  It is particularly pertinent to Redline Company, as we want to provide the most time efficient and cost-effective service to our clients.

Unlike an in-house marketing team who are paid by the company to work 9 to 5, Redline works on a contract basis which means time management is crucial in order to get optimum results within a limited amount of time.

Many of our clients have their own strategies in mind and would like us to assist with the implementation. If this is not the case, Redline Company works with clients to establish the most important goals in order to allocate the most time and resources to achieve them in the most efficient manner. A part of this process is to create monthly actions plans (similar to a statement of work) clearly prioritising work that will have the most impact on the project. The aim is to tackle the most important work within the parameters of the contract (the hours contracted for Redline to work for the client each month).


5 stages of project management

Successful project management can be broken down into five essential components; initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and completion. These components together will help both stakeholders and the service provider to get a clear perspective of goals, budgets and timelines, minimize risks, save time and money, increase productivity and to also gain knowledge from the experience.

  • Initiation

At the start of a project, it is crucial to understand the objectives, scope and deliverables. At this stage we will establish who is responsible for each activity, for example, whether Redline’s copywriters be required to produce the content or will the client provide fully formed content. Any deadline’s, roadblocks and possible expenses and budgets will need to be identified and agreed.

  • Planning

Having established the goals, it is now necessary to plan how work will proceed. Communication is vital at this stage, as everyone involved needs to be on the same page in order to manage expectations and avoid delays caused by misunderstandings and constant changes, in order to deliver on the required deadline and on budget. This is when Redline Company will create an in-depth marketing plan / strategy in conjunction with the client, followed by monthly action plans.

  • Execution

This is the stage when the project gets going, a project manager / account manager will allocate tasks, and ensure that the work is on track. This could involve managing freelancers or specialist assistance required for a specific part of a project.

  • Monitoring, management and communication

Throughout each stage, the project manager will monitor the work of each team member to make sure it is on track and up to standard and according to agreed KPIs.   Should any issues arise, these will be managed quickly and efficiently to ensure all milestones are achieved on time. Keeping the client informed of progress and of any issues as they occur is of paramount importance.

  • Completion

Upon the completion of each stage, the project manager will review the work and seek the final approval / sign-off from the client. It is the project managers job to pull all threads together, to ensure that all team members have delivered their part of the project and that all checks (such as website quality controls) and required documentation are in place before closing the project.

If you want to outsource your marketing, Redline Company can become your external marketing department, giving you access to a full team of professional marketers, including a strong project manager.

Redline’s services cover all marketing channels, including website design and development, search engine optimisation, lead generation, social media marketing, content marketing, photography and videography and much more.  To find out how we could help to manage your marketing more efficiently, contact us on info@redlinecompany.com.



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