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From its first inception film was destined to become one of the most powerful forms of communication responsible for creating stars, dictating trends and forming opinions, in other words selling ideas, people and products to an eager audience.

Later the popularity of TV gave businesses the means to deliver sales films – adverts – directly into homes. Today, the internet is the favoured medium, as watching online content has now overtaken traditional TV viewing and video streaming accounts for almost 40 per cent of all internet usage.

Types of videos

Corporate videos fall under two distinct categories; “relationship videos” that seek to engage and inform and “sales videos” designed to provoke action. There are numerous advantages of including videos into your business plan, whether specifically for marketing your product, training staff or to drive traffic to your website with a ‘how to’ tips.

  • 72% of potential customers are more likely to buy a product after viewing a video
  • 89% decide to buy on the day the video is viewed
  • 94% of those who purchase will share the video with friends and family

Reasons to use videos in business

Increase sales

Videos can play an important role in generating sales, through both in-depth content and by equipping sales personnel with a consistent sales message. It can transform a potentially dull subject into a compelling interactive presentation, demonstrating complicated components or difficult technical aspects of a product or service.

Increase credibility

There is a perception that only large successful companies are willing to invest in producing professional videos about their business, which suggests longevity and credibility.


Elevate your brand above your competitors by showcasing your staff and products on film as a method of achieving greater recognition, familiarity and ultimately to engender customer loyalty. Check out Redline’s corporate branding video.

Who, what and why

Tell your clients who you are and what you do, but most important of all, you need to tell them why they should do business with you.

Emotional connections

You can enhance the connection to your audience by including sales videos in your marketing to illustrate a product or service. Audio and visual information makes it easier to learn and a greater understanding leads to quicker purchasing decisions and more sales. And just as important, whenever possible film client testimonials…if they say it on camera, potential customers are willing to listen.

Perceived value

Corporate videos and DVDs have a higher perceived value than printed marketing, for example they have a response rate six times higher than Direct Mail. Most people will view a video out of curiosity whereas junk mail is generally discarded unread. Videos suggest a monetary investment in the client, the product and the company.


Once a video has been produced it can serve several different purposes. Depending on the content it can be used as a sales tool, training aid or branding exercise to build trust and familiarity and to demonstrate products and services. Videos are extremely popular on social media as a means of driving traffic to your website.

More reach for your money

Video allows you to communicate with audiences that you wouldn’t physically be able to reach and sets you above your competitors, by introducing the viewer to your company, staff and products.

In fact, the advantages of incorporating video into your business plan are almost too numerous to mention…..

Innovative, fresh and funky

An experienced professional videographer will work with you to get exactly the right tone, look and feel, and will have the technical know-how to produce something modern and relevant that shows your business in its best possible light.

The importance of using professionals to create a video can’t be stressed strongly enough. Visual media is an extremely powerful tool and if you get it wrong it could prove an extremely costly mistake. It is an investment in your company’s future, so it should be done right.

Redline Company works with professional videographers who are up to date with the latest technology, with experience of producing sales and relationship videos.


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