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Does your real estate website have an SSL certificate?

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Does your real estate website have an SSL certificate? You could lose customers without one!

You may have heard this term thrown around in recent years, but are you aware of what an SSL certificate actually is? You might think that real estate websites do not need this implemented, but did you know that without it, you risk losing clients?

If a website does not have an SSL in place, it will show a warning to the website user, stating that their browser is not private. This could affect whether clients take your business seriously and in fact, they might choose not to click through at all!

An SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a security technology to create an encrypted link between a website server and a browser. Adding an SSL creates a safe connection for these activities.  To buy an SSL certificate is cheap, and to have someone implement it is not time consuming. Do you risk losing a client because you wanted to save a few euros?


Still not convinced? Here are 3 reasons why should your real estate website should have an SSL certificate in place;


Google will mark your website as “not secure”

As part of making the internet more secure, Google launched an update in 2018 which marked any website as “not secure” if not protected with an SSL certificate.


It encrypts sensitive information

The information that you send online, for example personal client information, is passed from one computer to the next to get to the final destination server. Any computer between you and the server can therefore see your information if it is not encrypted! When an SSL certificate is used, the information is unreadable to anyone else, other than the server you send the information to.


Builds trust

If your website has an SSL certificate, your client will notice the lock icon in the corner of the URL which tells them that their information is safe! In fact, if your clients are using a Mac computer, the website will not even display to them.

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