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When Redline Company Met Jerome…

When Redline Company Met Jerome…

This summer Redline Company decided to take a closer look at influencers, so it was a case of extreme serendipity that at the same time we were approached by Jerome Carlier, a successful influencer from Belgium, about an internship. Of course, we jumped at the chance and the rest as they say is history.


Jerome is a visual and graphic communication student and he is also micro influencer on social media.

So, it was the perfect opportunity for him to share his experiences and to provide an insight into how he grew his audience and the importance of working with social media influencers.


Jerome’s trajectory is impressive, his Instagram profile was only launched in 2018 and he already has over 40,000 followers.


Naturally we wanted to find out more, so we put together a series of Q&As to provide an insight into the business.


Redline: How did you become an influencer?

Jerome:  I started with a personal account like everyone else and used it to share images, just for fun. After posting some photos and using hashtags I started getting some likes, then more and more as the weeks went on. It was a bit like a game, each week I kept trying to beat my scores with each post.


Redline: How did you take it from personal to a professional activity?

Jerome:  After a few months of posting I had several thousands of followers, small business and brands started contacting me to request collaborations. It was super easy, I just had to choose my favourite products on the webstore and they would send it to me. I would then post a photo and comment with the brand’s hashtag.


Redline: How did you attract more brands?

Jerome: It was a natural progression. The more posts I made; the more collaborators approached me. It has been the same with the followers, the more I got, the more engagement, likes and comments.


Redline: What is your secret to attracting collaborators and followers?

Jerome:  Regular consistent posting and high-quality images. Today I post a photo every day, this is what is expected from the large brands that pay me to promote their products.


Redline: How many people see your posts?

Jerome: When I post a picture on my Instagram profile, at least 20,000 people see it and the ‘best posts’ can reach up to 70,000 people.  My best posts appear in the “best post” for my location and hashtags for few days. So, if I post a picture in Marbella, it will probably be seen by users who are looking for photos of Marbella, or a specific hashtag.


Redline: What are demographics of your audience?

Jerome: My audience is around 20 to 35 years old, of which 49 % men and 51% women. It’s a broad spectrum, for only one photo.  Instagram makes it possible to create a real identity and to convey a very personal lifestyle, on a daily basis, almost instantly. I even use Instagram like a business card sometimes, giving people my username on Instagram.  It’s why working with influencers is a really cost-effective and attractive targeted audience strategy.


Jerome began his Instagram career which started from a simple social media account and now it is growing into a successful business!


Follow Jerome on Instagram @Jerome_carlier