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7 strategies to grow your Instagram account

7 strategies to grow your Instagram account

Instagram is a great way to share your company’s values and to encourage interaction. You should never use it as a tool for hard sales and spamming, instead try tempting followers with interesting images and content. 


  1. Never buy fake followers, likes or use bots. Instagram uses an algorithm to detect anyone trying to beat the system. Infringements will be penalized, by pushing you down and diminishing your reach.


  1. Do share your exciting, interesting and beautiful images. First and foremost, Instagram is all about sharing photos, they must be high quality and should reflect your company’s core values and vision.


  1. Be natural and informal in your posts, comments and messages, never try to make a sale or come across as a “spammer”. 


  1. Continuity is the key. Be active, as it’s important to regularly post images, follow, like and comment on other people’s posts that are of interest to you.


  1. Use hashtags in your posts. It’s really important to be seen by new people who don’t yet follow you.


  1. Check your hashtags popularity, use a combination of hashtags, ranging between popular, not so popular and intermediary.


  1. Use stories as much as possible to increase interaction with your followers.



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