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Do you know the importance of Web Health Insurance?

Most people understand that a website must have a hosting service in order for it to be published online. However, not everyone is aware of the importance of web health insurance as a means of helping to prevent hacking, and in the event that it is hacked, restoring it again exactly as it was before.

web health insurance

Hosting is the infrastructure and storage for your company’s website, database and/or emails. As a website owner, it is crucial that you find out if your hosting company prepares backups of the site on a regular basis. It is also necessary that the content management system (CMS) and all plugins on the website are updated regularly to make sure you have the newest version available. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to make sure your website is safe.

Do you know if your host offers regular backups and updates your plugins?

If not, Redline can help. We offer what we call Web Health Insurance for only 185€ + IVA per year.

The Web Health Insurance includes monthly backups of your website and databases, so that should it be necessary, we can help you restore your website. However, this doesn’t guarantee that your site won’t experience unauthorized access.  

In the event of a serious breach resulting in badly infected files, the extra work needed to get your site back up and running will incur additional costs, as the site many need to be rebuilt if the backup version has also been hacked.

Regardless of who provides the hosting for your website, we cannot stress the importance of having backups done regularly. In the unfortunate event of an attack on your website, all content may be lost and its therefore necessary to have every element saved so that it will be possible to restore the website as quickly as possible.

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