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Visual content in social media set to be king in 2014

Image based content should be considered an important factor in any social media content strategy.

Unsurprisingly, images and videos are more interesting to a younger audience and so it stands to reason that social media updates with images or videos have much higher engagement rates than those with plain old text, and the trend is set to continue throughout 2014.


its a jungle out there


Although no copywriter wants to hear it… text on its own can be boring. Research shows that around 89% of 18 to 34 year olds currently view online videos each week and as with most trends this should start to spill over into the older age groups too.

Of course great imagery is important in all aspects of marketing, more visually interesting material will result in greater interest. Redline Company can provide exciting graphic designs and works with talented professional photographers and videographers who can help raise your company’s profile.

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