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Nomad Jets case study

We can honestly say that there is never a dull moment at Redline. Not only are we "all hands to the pumps", this summer we have had an exciting mix of clients ranging from authors to alternative therapists and fitness clubs to souped-up jet packs... yes that's right jet packs! Redline Company was chosen to provide marketing and PR services - working on a unique "external marketing department" package - for Nomad Jets, a UK based company operating a certified Jetlev flying centre in Marbella for the duration of the summer season, before moving on to provide the same thrilling experience to another sunshine playground location. Nomad Jets approached us only a few days before the launch date, which meant that we needed to swing into action immediately.We invited selected journalists to a press conference where one lucky journalist won a free Jetlev flight, thereby garnering maximum interest and coverage. Press releases, invitations, flyers, advertisements and banners were written, designed, produced and printed at short notice. Branded merchandise, social media and an email marketing campaign were also part of the mix. We secured an enormous amount of free publicity; printed, online, radio and national TV, ensuring the word was well and truly out there. Julien Le Mesle, Director of Nomad Jets, says, "Redline knew exactly what I needed and how it should be done, and from get-go we've worked from an agreed action plan which has been followed to the letter - and on schedule. The team worked quickly, professionally and has kept me informed at every stage of the process".