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Internships abroad

Gintare When you are born and raised in Vilnius (Lithuania), a career in advertising and film is not the first thing that comes to mind;  it's a small city in the Baltics with bags of energy and a lot of creative ideas, but not much opportunity to realize them.  People are starting to get a grip of what graphic design is, the concepts of contemporary Hollywood film are now being applied in Lithuanian cinema, and the government is starting to provide young people with various educational programs focusing on different types of intellectual property. I am studying 'Creative Industries' which covers marketing, public relations, advertising, as well as the more practical subjects such as graphic design and film, and it is first of its kind in Lithuania. I decided to enroll after graduating high school as I was interested in the many different yet related subjects. In the first two years of university I participated in several film and advertising related projects, which only served to increase my interest in the field. I had my first contact with graphic design when I went to Alicante (Spain) to take part in an international study exchange program, one of the many things I enjoyed while studying in Spain.  The practice-based education and the multicultural environment were the most satisfying aspects of my stay there. It is my aim to find a job that will allow me to put theoretical knowledge in to practice, try out various fields such as design, advertising, marketing and work with creative people from around the world. Fortunately, an internship at Redline Company fulfills exactly what I'm looking for with regards to marketing and design experience. To find out more about how you can do an internship at Redline please click here for more information: