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Redline at the Marbella Tweet up

Over the past few years, social media has become an essential form of communication, so much so, that it's now difficult to imagine life without it. Social MediaNetworks such as Facebook or Twitter are becoming more and more important in business, allowing companies to reach out to a greater number of potential customers in a cost-effective way.

Taking the idea one step further, some clever "tweeters" from Marbella decided to add a "real life" element by arranging monthly "Tweet-ups". The events are held in a different bar or restaurant each month, providing the opportunity to socialise, network and exchange business cards. These monthly gatherings have proved extremely popular amongst a wide range of businesses and nationalities.

As a keen advocate of the "Tweet-up", The Redline Company team attended the most recent meeting which was held at the Cosmopolitan Bar on the 4th July. Whilst enjoying delicious tapas and refreshing drinks, the team from Redline Company had a great time chatting about business and just about every other subject under the sun.

The Marbella Tweet-ups not only provide participants with the chance to network with potential business partners but also an opportunity to raise the company's profile. Redline Company sees these gatherings as a useful tool for spreading the word and is looking forward to the next one.