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A breeze is coming from Thailand to Puerto Banús

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

One of the perks of working at Redline Company is the opportunity to check out what’s going on both online and around Marbella, making sure we always have our finger on the pulse!

This week our interest was piqued by a short video posted on YouTube which really caught our attention. What the devil does the title “A breeze is coming from Thailand to Puerto Banús” refer to? We can’t wait to find out more!

At first glance it looks like a trailer for a sophisticated holiday experience from Thailand to Banús, but that doesn’t make sense. Perhaps the ethereal figure on the beach, softly trickling water and bamboo hint at some kind of relaxing oriental experience or new treatment soon to hit Spain.

After all, Thailand is currently one of the most popular long-haul holiday destinations, so whatever lovely Thai treat is blown on the breeze, it’s certain to receive a warm welcome in Marbella.

Don’t worry, Redline are on the case!

Social media is not advertising

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Since its introduction social media has become too important to ignore, and as a result the relationship between company and customer has changed significantly. Social media provides a virtual business meeting venue, where it is difficult to control the outcome and customers are able to see through superficial statements and indiscriminate ‘likes’. Social media can make a big impact upon your business, so here are a few tips to help you avoid making some fundamental mistakes:

  • Social media race is not a sprint, it is a marathon. As a business owner, you should aim to create a long-term relationship with your customer.
  • Understand that social media is not about advertising your product, but engaging with customers through public relations. It is vital that you listen to your customers and post regular information that is relevant to their interests. By integrating your message in a social context and offering a personally appealing service, you will attract more connections for your business.
  • Methods of broadcasting information are constantly changing, what is hip and trendy now, may not be tomorrow.

So get your message out there, but don’t be tempted to use social media as yet another channel merely to advertise. Redline Company has considerable experience in helping companies to harness the potential of social media sites. To find out more contact us on: or 952 816 678.

Client testimonial ­ Aloha Hill Club Marbella

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Aloha Hill Club approached Redline Company in 2011 with a request that Redline should become its external marketing department. Some of the executed tasks include:

Redline Company went to work and ensured that the material was not only executed to the required standard, adhering to the agreed timetable and budget, but also reflected Aloha Hill Club´s upmarket image and reputation.

“We are very happy with the results that we obtained from Redline Company. The speed and the professional way of taking care of every task has impressed us. And the complete corporate look and consistency in the material is just brilliant”, says Morten Remo from Aloha Hill Club.

For more information on Aloha Hill Club Marbella please visit

Pinterest – Facebook on steroids?

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Pinterest is a new social networking website where users share images that reflect their likes and interests on Virtual bulletin boards called pinboards.

Founded in 2008, Pinterest is the fastest social media website to date to break the 10 million users benchmark, which gained it the nickname “Facebook on steroids”. However, as of February 2012, it isn’t generating significant income for its creators. Can it do so for its business users?

Pinterest for brands lets businesses showcase their products and harness the power of word of mouth by letting other users re-pin their content.

One of the most interesting facts about Pinterest is that an overwhelming 97 per cent of its Facebook ‘likes’ comes from female users between the ages of 25 and 44. That is why the website is quickly attracting the attention of advertisers and marketers, who are aware of the great buying power of this demographic – and why pinboards about fashion, holidays, interior design, wedding planning, and recipes are among the most popular.

Initially some doubt about Pinterest’s legality was expressed by the press, who published horror stories about former users who had left Pinterest due to their fear that they would be prosecuted for breaching copyright laws. In response to this, Pinterest has changed its terms and now includes simple tools to permit users to report any infringement of copyright or trademarks.

We believe Pinterest has the potential to become part of a business’s standard social media package because it is much more visual than other networks, providing users with a browsing experience that closely resembles shopping and is a great tool for creating a brand lifestyle by sharing images of popular products.

If you would like to learn more about how to obtain the most from Pinterest as a social media platform, please contact Redline Company on or Tel: +34 952 816 678.

Facebook Timeline function available for businesses

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Facebook will update all business pages to the Timeline layout today. So how will Timeline change communication between businesses and their clients?

Timeline is much more visual than the old Facebook page: the cover photo is an eye-catching space, perfect for displaying a large, attractive picture of a product or an image conveying the idea of your business. The profile picture space remains, which can now be used to show the company’s logo. The info section is more visible as well, making it a great place for a short summary of your business, a mission statement or an inspirational quote.

What is more, Timeline enables better interaction with fans by letting them exchange private messages with you. For instance, complaints can now be dealt with privately rather than appearing on your wall.

The actual Timeline can feature milestones in the history of your business, showing the growth and positive changes that took place since its inception. This is also a great opportunity for creating an emotional connection with your fans – imagine someone posting a photo of their child wearing your company’s t-shirt or tagging themselves in a post telling everyone that their girlfriend accepted a proposal while having dinner at your restaurant.

Last but not least, new insights has been integrated with the admin panel, making it easier for you to access your page’s analytics and find out how many people like it or have mentioned it in a post, and how many users it is reaching.

Timeline allows you to sort posts by importance – you can ‘star’ a post to enlarge it or ‘pin’ it so that it stays on top of the page for up to a week.

All in all, a business Timeline can be much more appealing than a website, but in the long run it might turn out not to be as revolutionary as it now seems in terms of functionality, because the businesses’ posts will still be showing on the fans’ news feed in the same way. Sadly, after ‘liking’ a page most users never come back to it, so the news feed remains the most effective way of reaching them.

Did you know that Redline Company has the expertise to help you to harness the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter? Contact us to find out how we can harness your Twitter account and Facebook page to drive potential clients to your website and create messages and tweets that offer valuable information about your business.

Facebook Timeline

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The whole world will get Facebook Timeline within “the next couple of weeks”, but what does it actually mean? Redline Company will help you figure out this new visual journal online, so don´t be afraid.


With the new Timeline you can present your life story in  chronological order. Once you opt for Timeline there is no way back and you have only 7 days to change your profile before everybody is able to see it.


The first thing people will see is your cover. Make sure it is unique, because it is similar to a profile picture. All your activities are shown since the day you became a Facebook user, so you can easily rediscover the most important stories or most popular pictures. The importance of a story or picture is decided by the type of message, the reaction your friends gave – and you! You can mark what you believe is important by clicking on the star icon.


Why is everybody so afraid? You shouldn´t be! If you feel that the Timeline is exposing too much of your private life you can hide or remove what you don´t want to show by clicking on the pencil icon. You have privacy settings for everything that appears on your Timeline, which makes it easy to regulate who sees what on your new Facebook.


The change from the Facebook we know to the new Timeline will happen gradually over the next few weeks; however it is not an option and ultimately all Facebook users will have to embrace it. Redline Company suggests that you try to get the best out of it, because it is a refreshing new way of displaying your information.


Content Marketing – Marketing at its smartest

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Over the past couple of decades Marketing has become increasingly sophisticated. This is due, at least in part, to the pervasive presence of the internet and the rise of smart-phones, which enable users to remain in contact with their e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts at all hours of the day and night, even when not at their desks. This means that businesses can tap into a 24-hours a day, seven days per week potential clientele.

However, the potential of this situation must be balanced with the knowledge that these days your prospective customers are extremely sophisticated and demand far more than old-fashioned advertisements that bombard them with information that they may not wish to hear.

NOW is the time to build effective relationships with your customers – don’t tell them what you want them to hear; instead why not think about providing them with information that is truly valuable and useful to them?

Welcome to the world of Content Marketing! If interruption advertising (e.g. TV and radio commercials) is the Neanderthal of the Marketing world, then Content Marketing is the Homo Sapien. Now that DVR systems such as TiVo allow people to screen out advertisements, smart companies are thinking ahead and providing their clients with content that is both relevant and valuable.

According to America’s respected GfK Roper Public Affairs customer research organisation, 80 per cent of people have stated that they would prefer to receive company information in a series of articles rather than traditional advertisements, 70 per cent claim that Content Marketing makes them more kindly disposed towards a company while 60 per cent revealed that company content has helped them to make better decisions about which product or service to choose.

Seth Godin, widely acknowledged as one of America’s leading Marketing experts says, “Content Marketing is not the future – it is the present.”

If you would like to know more about Content Marketing and how your company can benefit from this new philosophy, Redline Company can provide a plan that will help you to connect more effectively with your potential client base.

Happy 7th Birthday, Redline!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

It’ll be party time in November when Redline Company celebrates its 7th birthday – we can’t believe how the time has flown. In the few years since we started out, the world of marketing has undergone more changes than in the whole of its history. Far from being the middle-man between clients and advertising outlets we now offer an enormous range of services guaranteed to boost our clients’ profile both online and on the street!

Of course, birthdays always mean presents, and we have a special one in store for you. Click on to our website to find out more.

Whether you want to improve your company’s online image or make the move into social media marketing, there has never been a better time to act.

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