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Miroslav Voronecki

Frontend and backend developer

Miroslav comes from Lithuania where he studied Creative Industries at Vilnius Tech University. He initially started in Redline as an intern but was soon asked to join the team as an assistant web developer. Since then he worked on countless websites while acquiring many new skills and becoming a full-stack developer. A few years ago he moved across the pond to Canada but still works part-time with Redline.


  • Bachelor degree in Creative Industries at Vilnius Tech University, Lithuania
  • Spent 7 months as exchange student and intern in Southeast Asia.


  • Web development
  • PHP
  • jQuery, JavaScript
  • SQL, server management
  • Integration of APIs


  • Enjoys snowboarding in winter but loves a warm day on the beach
  • Tries to travel as much as possible
  • Loves cats but doesn’t have one
  • Back in school thought that programming was boring
  • Has been working with Redline for almost a decade