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Lorna Scutt

Copy Superstar

Lorna is an avid reader, if she isn’t writing, she can be found at her desk reading articles, blogs and newspapers. At the weekend, you guessed it – she’ll still be reading but browsing magazines on the beach, trying to write the next chapter of her long awaited novel or planning her next trip to Rome.

Lorna has an eye for detail that she carries through into everything she does, including her coffee, which must be Pantone colour 4635 C.

Like all animal lovers and Redline employees…she has a big heart.


  • BA Hons in Footwear & Accessory Design, Product Development and Marketing – Cordwainer’s College and City University in London
  • Breakthrough Copywriting Course – Andy Maslen’s Copywriting Academy


  • Creative copywriting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Press release writing and press liaison
  • Project management


  • Obsessed with shoes
  • Avid online shopper
  • Whirlwind of energy
  • Not completely normal
  • For some reason always needs new Cava glasses whenever anyone goes to Ikea.