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Frederikke Niclasen


I grew up in the small country Denmark, with a Danish father and a Dutch mother. When I was 7 years old, we decided to move to Spain for 1 year, which ended up being 12, and I am not complaining. This led me to begin a degree in international marketing management as I have always been surrounded by an international environment, from school to friends and family. I am an enthusiastic team worker who is not afraid to take risks and go out of my comfort zone.

I am still on the journey to discover my future plan and I am sure my internships within Redline will guide me with a clearer idea.


  • Currently undergoing my AP Degree in Marketing Management, to be completed by end 2022
  • Graduated Highschool with an IB Degree


  • Creative content creation
  • Sales (in person sales)
  • CRM System


  • Cat person
  • In love with baking
  • Love skiing and travelling