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Deline Fredriksson


I am from Sweden and have grown up there in the second biggest city in the country, called Gothenburg. About two years ago however, I moved to Lund, a much smaller city, to be able to follow my dream of becoming great at branding and marketing. I have now lived and studied there for two years. As a part of my last year of studies I am now fortunate to do an internship at Redline Company.

I hope that being part of Redline Company will help me further my knowledge and experience within the field of marketing as well as inspire me for my paths in my future career.


Currently studying Strategic Communication and Digital Media at Lund University, to be completed in 2023


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe XD


  • Love to travel and sunny weather
  • Happy music is the best music according to me
  • I have been horse back riding my entire youth but now I have instead started to gain an interest in Padel