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Bohdan Butsev


Bohdan is Ukrainian and from Kiev. After finishing university, he arrived to parents in Spain. Right now he is living in San Pedro. Bohdan want to grove up at different levels: personal and professional. He never said no to a challenge and I always tried to give the best results.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. – Kiev, Ukraine
  • Java programming course in Epam – Kiev, Ukraine
  • Python programming course in Mail.ru Group – Coursera
  • English speaking course in CCX – Kiev, Ukraine
  • Continuous studies with online courses on Udemy.com 🙂 – everywhere


  • Responsive & Cross-browser Web Development
  • Web Stack: WordPress, HTML, CSS/SCSS, JS/jQuery & a bit of React and Node
  • Graphic Stack: Adobe Photoshop, Figma


  • Make music nad have a lot of views on Soundcloud
  • Old Batchat
  • Adores dogs (especially korgi)
  • Want to visit London
  • Happy boy, romantic, and shopaholic
  • Living life