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We may be a little shellshocked, like all businesses finding their way through the Covid-19 crisis, but life is never dull at Redline. The sheer variety of products, services and clients that we work with can be a real eye-opener, and one such concept is LifeFlow.coach by Christine Heckel. Christine approached Redline for help in creating the right look and feel for the concept and an effective new landing page for the campaigns – and wow are we glad she did! In some cases, the simplest concept, such as offering an alternative route to success can be truly mind-blowing and definitely worth a try.

Lifeflow.coach couldn’t have come at a better time.  Right now, businesses need all of the help that they can get to overcome the obstacles thrown up by the coronavirus.  

If your staff have just returned to work (or are about to) they may need to regain their confidence in the workplace in order to achieve their pre Covid-19 level of productivity and satisfaction. 

Combining her extensive experience at the top of the corporate HR ladder with ancient Eastern philosophies and modern science, Christine has developed a tried and tested method to help people grow, thereby boosting satisfaction and improving performance and ultimately transforming their businesses. 

How it works
The Life Flow Method is based on the understanding that to drive change it is necessary to understand your feelings in the work place, which is especially important in these unprecedented times.  Christine uses various techniques, including special singing bowls with a much higher quality sound and vibration, to help your unconscious mind connect with your past and present, and encourages you to formulate a vision of your future.   It is by visualising your future that you can start to drive change.

How can it help your business move past Covid-19?
In simple terms, by helping people to regain a sense of calm, to feel cleansed and to achieve greater self-belief, they will be free to reach optimum levels of performance. In other words, by unblocking obstacles in your team (and business), you make it possible for new leads to flow in.  

  • One on one: Vision for Success; Regain a sense calm, start to hit your targets, feel energised and more positive. 
  • Start to hit your targets, feel energised and more positive.
  • Team building: Ignite the spark
  • Energise staff to allow them to reach their full potential, and attract new leads.
  • Cleanse your business: Charge the energy
    Release blockages to allow everything to flow, drive balance and achieve better results.

Redline’s experience of the LifeFlow.coach
Redline is a keen advocate of promoting positivity in the workplace and everyday life, so naturally our team has tried the Life Flow Method and was impressed by the results. Lucy our digital marketing expert is just one of Christine’s devotes, “I cannot begin to convey just how powerful these sessions are with Christine Heckel. I recently had my second session and yet again it proved lifechanging. The results and the effects and the changes continue to occur for months afterwards and so I’m looking forward to discovering what else this second session will bring over time. It has made a positive difference to my life – and I have increased my sales! ”


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