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Happy New Year!

Now we all know how incredibly quickly last year went so let us make a decision to grab this one before it starts to run away from us again.

So what are your dreams and hopes for your business this year? Is this the year you want to finally make that change in your life? Will 2010 be the year you launch a new product, start up a new company, try a new thing, change direction?

We really want to help you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve and we believe we can. We have a wide range of experience in all aspects of business and marketing and have a great knowledge of the business market. Remember the saying two heads are better than one, well with all of us behind you the sky´s the limit, the first thing we can do for you as a Marketing Company is actually become your Marketing Department.

One of the things we do here at Redline is work closely with companies on a Marketing Retainer, which means we effectively start working with you on an ongoing basis and we feel that there are many benefits to working with you on this basis. Firstly this means that you as a company can avoid paying another member of staff. Generally you will pay less for a marketing retainer than a full time member of staff and you avoid paying social security, holiday time, illness etc but still get the top class service you want and need.

The benefits of this are of course firstly the obvious – financial. But we also believe that as a company we will be more focussed on really promote you and your product. And you just don´t get one employee but a whole team with many different skills. One person for example may be a wonderful graphic designer but not be a good copywriter – and vice versa. We have the whole team under one roof. What is more we won’t be distracted by office gossip or company hierarchy or who is covering reception at lunchtime, we will be 100% focused on getting you results.

As far as knowing your business we will research it and your target market thoroughly which means we will approach it from a fresh perspective and see it from your potential client’s point of view – something you may find hard to do from inside the company.

Another benefit is you don’t have to commit to us for years though we work on a minimum of a three month contract. Ideally we prefer a minimum of six and the longer the better so we can really get our teeth in and really get you results. Of course as with everything the more months you sign up to, the less you pay.

So think about it, wouldn´t you love to have a new team full of experience and enthusiasm on board for the price of a single person. A team dedicated to getting you the results you want.


So that is one of the things we do but here are a few other ways we can help you grow your business.

Business Clinics For example, we hold free, yes free Business Clinics where we can advise you on how to improve your business or help you as you start up a New Business here. With our experience and knowledge you may realise things that you might not have seen before, we can help you to change them to your benefit. A Redline Business Clinic session takes 1 hour and is free. Call now to book.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation. You may have the most amazing website but if nobody can find it then it´s no good to you. Our team can make sure that your website is seen by the people you want to see it and easily found when searched for.

As well as all of this we also do Graphic Design, Printing, PR, Merchandise and so much more. Go to our website www.redlinecompany.com for more information or go to our website to download our new redline brochure.

We really want to help you grow your business or make that change in your professional life, let us help you make this year one to remember.


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