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Unlike other marketing companies we don’t like to bombard clients with marketing terminology and phrases just for the hell of it, instead we prefer straight talking. However, sometimes it is unavoidable with topics like: A/B split testing. So we’ll do our best to debunk the mystery and explain what the devil it means in plain English.

So what on earth is A/B split testing? We hear it all the time. Here goes…There are many types of online marketing that can be used to promote your business. There is of course basic SEO or search engine optimisation (as covered in our SEO Trends to Help You Stay Ahead article), pay per click advertising via Google AdWords or social media marketing via Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn and the list goes on.

But, A/B split testing is more than a marketing online strategy, it’s a sure way to help your online business grow. A/B split testing can help you learn more about your customers or clients and at the end of the day, understanding your direct sales funnel can mean bigger bucks for your bank.

❞A method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better.❞

Let’s get started with a few simple definitions:


In simple terms, A/B testing (also known as split testing or bucket testing) is a method of comparing two versions of a webpage or app against each other to determine which one performs better. A/B testing uses data and statistics to validate new design changes and improve your conversion rates.


Split testing is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with the goal of improving a website metric, such as clicks, form completions, or purchases. Incoming traffic to the website is distributed between the original (control) and the different variations without any of the visitors knowing that they are part of an experiment. The tester waits for a statistically significant difference in behaviour to emerge. The results from each variation are compared to determine which version showed the greatest improvement.

❞Using the right colour for a CTA screams out “sign up now”, “hurry before it’s too late”, and “only a limited amount will get this offer” reels them in.❞

We use this method of marketing all the time, and in all cases, the general consumers or browsers have no idea. In order to make a sales funnel work, whereby it gets you the direct sales you need, experimenting is needed. It’s during these experiments, where we can see raw data or better yet, we see real consumer behaviour. By experimenting with certain online sales tactics, we can increase your sales, thereby increasing your profits.

It all comes down to conversions, and conversions have to be forced. It may sound harsh, but there is a method to our madness. Split testing allows us to test changes in simply signup forms, registration pages, the call to actions we use (CTAs), or any other part of a website where a measurable goal can be improved.

For example, testing changes to a simple online checkout flow helps us determine what factors increase those conversions from one page to the next. We want to see what makes them click, so to speak, and by doing so, this leads to increased orders for you the website owner.


It may sound a bit crazy, but colours and shapes on an online form or check out form or downloadable link or CTA matters. We’ve personally seen the metrics on landing pages with virtually the same exact setup, CTA and registration, but in two very different colours. One yielded more results.
Believe it or not, it’s simple psychology. Using the right colour for a CTA screams out “sign up now”, “hurry before it’s too late”, and “only a limited amount will get this offer” reels them in. You might say to yourself, well not me, it won’t reel me in…but it already has.


With A/B split testing, seemingly subjective choices like web design and colours can be made more objective. Split testing and experimenting with simply words, shapes, arrows, and colours allows us to collect data that helps your ROI – it really is that simple. Each test we conduct or create has a quantifiable goal in mind. This means, even though you might think you are wasting money, believe us when we say, you are making more money.

Yes, when it comes to split testing, most are done with landing pages in conjunction with online advertising. In many cases, this technique doesn’t sit well with clients because they think they are paying twice or double, but this isn’t the case at all.

Most advertising platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook advertising lets you decide the budget and the costs per click. So, only when someone clicks on the adverts, because they were “reeled” in by that colour or image or text, is when you pay.

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