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Content Marketing has quickly gained a following as an intelligent way of attracting new clients. 

Over the past few years the marketing revolution has resulted in experts turning from old methods of advertising. These days the needs of the client are vital and the focus has shifted from providing information that the vendor considers should be imparted to purchasers to offering valuable content that is welcomed by prospective customers.

Now that new technology - such as TiVo and Sky+ boxes - not only make it easier but actually encourages people to skip advertisements, the need for smart marketing has never been greater. 

One of the most popular ways of transmitting this type of information is via a corporate blog, which should have a wider focus than selling your latest product or service. For instance, if real estate is your field it makes perfect sense to use your blog to highlight a property or two, but perhaps you should also consider including some informative blogs about the market generally or profiling a town or suburb in which you have properties for sale?

According to America’s respected GfK Roper Public Affairs customer research organisation, 80 per cent of people state that they would prefer to receive company information in a series of articles rather than traditional advertisements, 70 per cent claim that Content Marketing makes them more kindly disposed towards a company while 60 per cent revealed that company content has helped them to make better decisions about which product or service to choose.

If you would like to know more about Content Marketing and how your company can benefit from this new philosophy, Redline Company can provide a plan that will help you to connect more effectively with your potential client base.