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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

An introduction


In today’s market, now more than ever, making sure your business is working at its absolute optimum level has never been more important - using a business coach could be the one thing that puts you ahead of the game ensuring more success now and long term success for the future.


Business Coaching specifically looks at the way your business can be taken from strength to strength giving you the opportunity to work with highly qualified professionals who have experience in growing and turning failing companies around.


With a desire to help you, many years of experience in the business world and actual proven business success, to assertive guidance, encouragement and support, a business coach will target development that benefits both the business and the individual and will help you get your business running at peak performance.


At Redline we passionately believe that Business Coaching could be the key to your success.  We believe that working with a Business Coach forges a foundation for the success you want in business and helps keep your business management skills sharp - business focus, motivation, management and results are all much better when you work with a professional Business Coach.


A Business Coach will look at your business and guide you through a process to write an action plan that drives clarity and focus on your business requirements. The Business Coach will ask from you what you know you should be asking from yourself, if you were operating with full effectiveness.


Here at Recharlesfinalforweb_business_coachingdline we are delighted to be working with Charles Gubbins a dynamic and successful business coach who has a long and impressive history having worked in large international companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Rothmans and Gallaher Tobacco. As a seasoned General Manager, Charles has significant experience in all business functions, having developed and grown business in many countries across the world.



To take advantage of the opportunity of working with a Business Coach and improving your business, call or email us today.