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Boost Your Business With Digital Marketing

Boost Your Business With Digital Marketing

Whether you want to generate more leads and clients, increase direct sales online, build brand awareness or reinforce brand credibility, digital marketing needs to be a core element of your business strategy. For a fraction of the cost of a print advert, digital marketing campaigns can get your business seen by a large – but more importantly – targeted audience, driving them directly to your website.

  • Generate new leads for your business
  • Build brand awareness
  • Sell directly to customers online
  • Get your adverts seen by a large but targeted audience
  • Measure the success of everything you do

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PPC Google Ads

Google offers a number PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising options. These are powerful, highly targeted ads that deliver trackable results. And, as the name suggests, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad.

PPC Text Search

Show your ads to people who are specifically searching for your products or services on Google at the exact moment they are searching, with Google’s text search ads.

Display Advertising

Get your products or services infront of your target market, using highly visual, eye-catching display banners as they browse websites across the internet. Place your ads on specific websites where your market is likely to be browsing or show them to a specific audience known to be looking for your products or services.


If a potential client or customer leaves your website without buying or converting, that doesn’t need to be the end of the story. With Google’s Display Remarketing banners you can keep your brand at the forefront of their minds, with engaging display banners that follow them around the internet, encouraging them back to your website.

Social Media

Go out and meet your potential clients or customers in the place they hang out: social media. Using a combination of paid-for social media advertising and organic social media posting and management you can get your message infront of a highly targeted audience on Facebook, and more importantly, Instagram, the fastest growing social media channel of the moment.

Facebook & Instagram Engagement Ads

Rapidly grow your Facebook and Instagram following, giving you a larger and highly relevant audience to show your organic posts to. A large Facebook and Instagram is only useful if your followers are relevant to your business. Target the right audience and encourage them to follow you on social media with Engagement Ads.

Traffic & Lead Gen Ads

Find your target audience on Facebook and Instagram and take them direct to your website, by-passing your Facebook or Instagram profile with Traffic ads. Or, if lead generation is your main aim, capture their valuable contact details there and then on Facebook or Instagram with lead gen forms.

Organic Social Media

It’s important to maintain engagement with your potential customers and clients through regular social media posts and management of your social media profiles. How often you post will depend based on your business, but organic social media posts are a very cost effective way of advertising your new products, services and special offers or keeping your brand in the mind of a relevant audience.


A great website is only a useful marketing tool if it is seen by the right audience. Appear on the second or third page of Google and it’s unlikely your target market will ever find your website. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a technique to boost your website in Google’s organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

Get your website ranking highly on Google, and outranking your competitors, for the precise keywords your target market are searching on, with effective search engine optimisation.

Email Marketing

Generating new leads and website visitors is important. But are you getting the most out of the leads and the website traffic you are acquiring? Not everyone is ready to buy when they first land on your website. They may even make contact but are still not ready to buy.

Make the most out of your investment into acquiring leads and web traffic with cost effective email marketing.

Email Nurture

Nurture your contacts until they are ready to do business with you with an automated email nurture program. Marketing automation is hugely important in today’s digital world and by creating an effective email programme you can drip-feed more information about your business and keep your contacts warm until they’re ready to buy or to commit.

Email Newsletters

Marketing directly to your contacts using the power of email newsletters. Whether you are launching a sale or promotion, you have a new product line or you’re offering a new service, communicate it directly to an already engaged audience through a highly engaging and creative email.

Reporting & Analysis

Not only does digital marketing allow you to reach a large but targeted audience for a fraction of the price of print advertising, it is also 100% trackable, meaning you can truly understand the return on investment (ROI) you generate from every cent you spend.


Receive detailed reports on your campaign activity, showing you exactly how many leads you generated or sales you generated and the exact cost per lead or cost per sale. What’s more, we will show you exactly how your clients and customers browse your website, where they come from, who they are and what’s important to them.

Analysis & Optimisation

See the results of your campaign activity get better and better as we use data and analytics to continually tweak and optimise your campaigns, based on real customer behaviour and interaction. Channel more advertising spend into the campaigns that gain the best results, target those with the highest propensity to do business and get more for less and your campaigns go from strength to strength.