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Despite the current economic climate, Redline Company is busier than ever. In fact, over the past few months it has expanded and can offer a full range of marketing services to new and existing companies.

In the past its expertise has been requested in setting up new businesses, even including such fundamental matters as suggesting names and creating logos, as well as recommending ways in which existing companies might undergo effective makeovers or conduct successful sales campaigns.

These days, Redline Company is most often asked to act as various companies’ external marketing department, planning and executing campaigns and long-term marketing strategy.

“By becoming a company’s external marketing department we can obtain the best results, since we are so closely involved with the decisions made about the overall marketing strategy and individual campaigns. This is a process that can massively benefit the client, without the need to take on the extra expenses related to employing an in-house team of marketing experts. Marketing is essential especially in the current economic climate,” states Redline Company’s founder, Line Lyster.

March 2012 was an especially busy month for Redline Company, since it marked the launch of Ogee Magazine, a quarterly publication produced for construction and project management company, Estomar91. This brand new magazine features the latest trends in architecture and design and creating it was an especially satisfying process, since Redline Company was involved in significant parts of the branding, such as inventing the name of the magazine and designing a suitable logo. Redline Company was also charged with writing the content and designing the layout of the magazine, as well as designing and programming the website

Redline Company specialises in working with companies as their external marketing department, overseeing everything from branding to individual sales initiatives. The multi-national, multi-lingual team consists of designers, copywriters and webmasters, capable of undertaking any marketing task, however large and demanding.

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