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It’s not a life of hairdressing and beauty appointments for many women living in Marbella, as publicized by the current ITV television programme “Marbella Belles”. For some, most of their time is spent investing in their businesses barely finding time to fit in hectic social lives and time for the beach.

Taking their 15 years of combined marketing experience and knowledge of the local market they introduced Redline two and a half years ago as the only company to approach for all things marketing and now have a well-established and successful business.

Seeing a gap in the market for a company which worked against the all too familiar ‘manaña syndrome’ of Spain, Redline was formed to not only provide new and established businesses with marketing and graphic design work, but to work efficiently, effectively and pro-actively with those clients.

“It is still difficult working within the laid-back business environment found in Spain”, explains Alison, “and we want to up the ante here and show that we can work quickly to produce high quality marketing material.”

Many UK companies are branching out to reach the British ex-pat community in Spain and can find the culture change frustrating. “We have a lot of ex-pat clients from the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia who really appreciate the customer service Redline offers and that they are used to receiving at home.” says Line, “This has meant we have forged excellent working relationships with international companies such as GHD, Combined Insurance and Profile Europe.”

Redline has also had the opportunity to work with companies based in the UK who have found that outsourcing design and marketing work to Spain is more cost effective and just as easy to manage through email and telephone contact. “We’d love to work with more companies in the UK,” says Alison, “some clients have found that it’s also a lot cheaper to print here in Spain too”

Alison, 33 and originally from Sheffield, and Line, 35, from Copenhagen in Denmark form a formidable female duo with the determination and drive to make Redline a success and develop other businesses in the area. “Redline is up and running now and in the last couple of years we’ve met so many different people and have some great contacts and we’d really like to pursue other business opportunities through Redline on the Costa del Sol and internationally,” Line continues, “there is the opportunity in Spain for women to build successful businesses, we’ve never had to hold back because of our gender and it can still be a bit of a novelty yet something to be very proud of.”