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When marketing our products or company so many of us fail to make sure we are targeting one of the largest and most stable markets down here on the Coast – the Spanish one. Those of us who have moved to this beautiful country to build lives and successful businesses but are not natively Spanish can be in danger of immersing ourselves in a world that does not include the Spanish. This can mean missing out on a huge, growing, interesting and potentially lucrative market.

There are approximately 8 million Spanish potential customers in this region alone. They are building their lives here and they are, on the most part, staying here. These are customers you can build on and with, you can form relationships with, be assured of some kind of longevity and customer relationship. Integrating yourself and your business in to this market can only be of benefit.

There are simple ways you can do this and we can help you with this. Since the company started in 2004 we have been making a concerted effort to integrate ourselves and our services in to the Spanish market. We want to help you to do the same. We want to be able to show you the way to make yourselves attractive and accessible to this market that so many are missing out on.

For example, is all your marketing material in Spanish? If a Spanish person was reading your website would they easily be able to read and understand it in their own language and would it correctly apply to their culture? Are any leaflets you do or other marketing material available in Spanish, with a Spanish slant? Does your office staff speak Spanish?

We can help you with all of the above. We can translate your website, leaflets etc – we can sit down and look at how your company is working and advise you on how to take it to the Spanish market. We can provide emails for you to send out to the Spanish market if we jointly feel direct marketing is the way to go. We can adapt your marketing plan to include this market or help you put together one that focuses on them. There are many ways to make that slight shift in your business which could make all the difference and open up a whole new market.

Whilst living in this beautiful country don’t forget all the millions of people who may not speak your mother tongue but should be more than just as interesting to you as potential clients. Contact us today to find out how we can help you on +34 952 816 678.