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With ever changing media platforms is it too much to ask to expect one agency to be able to pull together a comprehensive, marketing campaign that can build brands, engage customers and drives sales? You would think not by the amount businesses out there dividing their marketing efforts amongst more than one provider. But the good news is that if you work with a reputable full service marketing agency they should be able to offer you an integrated marketing solution which suits YOUR business needs and DELIVERS fantastic results.

New techniques are constantly being added to what can broadly be defined as Marketing. In the 90’s it was Guerrilla Marketing, and within the last few years we have witnessed the rise of social media and all things digital. For example, today if your business cannot be found on Google you may as well not exist, ten years ago Google was a foreign language.

With new strategies with new media forms popping up every week it can be difficult to decide what will work best for you. Many companies go wrong because they continue to waste budget on outdated marketing techniques which may have proved successful 10 years ago but have little relevance in today’s dynamic marketplace.

As well as using incorrect marketing techniques, companies are also over spending by splitting strategies across different agencies. For example it is common practice to have one company managing your website, another managing your branding and design, another buying your advertising, a PR agency... the list can mount up. Business owners and marketing directors can often get pulled into contracts from providers that promise great results but fail to deliver a significant return on investment. The reason being that there are too many people working on different aspects of marketing for one company that what was once a set of core objectives becomes diluted.

Think of the phrase ‘too many cooks spoil the broth....’

The solution
Whether your business aim is to drive sales via a website, engage with consumers or action a rebrand, the services of a full service marketing agency can help. A full service agency can make your budget work harder, integrate into your existing team and in a sense become your marketing department.

Redline Company is a full service marketing agency based in Marbella, with a multilingual team experienced in all areas of marketing and design.

Here are our 5 insider Tips for Selecting a Good Marketing Agency
1. Look for an agency that will listen to your ideas and work with you rather than dictate best practice. If your marketing agency can’t communicate with you then you can’t expect them to assist you in communicating with your customers!
2. Take a close look at their own branding and marketing – does it stand out well? Are they consistent? If the agency has not been able to make a success out of their own brand then how can you expect them to achieve results for you?
3. Ask them how they will measure the success of their work – an agency that will not provide evaluation and analysis of campaigns is not worth working with, they are probably only interested in your money.
4. They will provide constructive criticism – a good marketing agency will tell you when they don’t agree with you and suggest better ways of working, after all they will want your business to succeed as much as you do.
5. Go with an agency you can see a long term relationship with – whilst marketing is often project based, ideally it should be an ongoing activity that is both reactive and proactive. Find a marketing provider than can offer you ongoing services that will adapt and grow with your business.

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