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It is increasingly becoming known that merchandising is an important part in building your brand and it helps to project your corporate image.

So how important is your merchandising?

Can it really possible that branded key rings, mugs and pens bearing your company logo can be a key way in attracting customers and therefore increase the success of your business?

The key of course is effective merchandising; of course any promotion is valuable and it adds another string to your advertising/ marketing bow which serves to build your company brand but it is the way that you use merchandise and what merchandise you use that can make all the difference.   Visual displays of quality merchandise for example can stimulate customers.

However it is very important if you want your merchandise to be effective to remember two simple but very if you want to use merchandise effectively to remember a couple of simple but significant points:

1.  First of all choose the right product. Think about the nature of your business and ensure you choose a product which fits in with your company line, has the right appeal and is of practical use.  Any single thing that bears a logo of your company on something that can and will be regularly, serves as a continuous reminder of your company and the services you have to offer. A pen, mouse mat, mug are just a few examples.

2.  Find a reliable source. Consistency in the look and quality of all your merchandise and how your logo or corporate identity is crucial.   Your logo will easily identify you and the and the more it is seen and recognised the more you trigger and capture customers. So try and keep everything with one printer and designer so you can be consistent in images, colour and identity.  Mismatching of any of these things will not help you!

3.  Do budget costs of producing the merchandise and think about what you need, and what is right for your company.  Merchandising is a wonderful way of promoting your company but don’t overspend on merchandise that you perhaps do not really need.

4. These days it is of vital importance that alongside your logo, you print your web address.   So your clients or targeted audience know exactly where to find you.

Sourcing a supplier of merchandise

Many different companies can manufacture your merchandise.  A design or marketing agency can help you and take care of all the design work, help with ordering and delivery and do all the admin tasks for you.  This knowledge can be invaluable saving you costly time and money and ensures you that you use correct pantone colours when printing your logo.

The other option is to go directly to your closest merchandise supplier, but be careful to send them the right files with your logo and that your pantone colours are correct ensuring your corporate image is maintained.

Reasons to use business merchandise?

·It can show you value your customers, colleagues and suppliers –many businesses, for example, dedicate time and money to sending one off, special or more quality merchandise to their loyal and important customers, a Christmas gift is a perfect example. This is a wonderful way of giving customers a feeling of exclusivity. Additionally in giving them something more personal you are reinforcing the value of your customers. 

·Improve Marketing Strategy

If you use your merchandising effectively it can add another important dimension to your marketing strategy allowing you to reach your audience in a more personal way but in a way that still remains professional and builds your brand.  And you are using products that can be used everyday such as pens and mugs and the presence of your corporate branding on these items means that people will constantly be thinking about your brand.

Strengthens corporate image - The creation of a brand and your corporate image is so important in establishing a successful brand.  Merchandise should projects quality, shows off your product design and promotes the unanimity of your firm. In house the more corporate branding is used in your office the stronger you find your identity will be among your staff.