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Team Kroh Dental

In March 2011 we became the external marketing department of Team Kroh Dental.

One of the first things we do as the external marketing department for businesses is to create a concrete action plan to clarify for both the client and for the redline team what the priorities are and what tasks are being executed and when.

In the first couple of months we sucessfully; 

  • amended the design of their existing logo
  • design and programmed a new website
  • wrote the text for the website in English, Spanish and German
  • wrote press releases in English and Spanish and German
  • did photosessions to get images for the website
  • designed new signs, vinyl graphics, business cards, trifolds and data capturing cards
  • Liaised and coordinated the efforts for the upcoming ExpoGays in Torremolinos.

"In these first months the Redline team has shown a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity", says Peter Michael Kroh, owner of Team Kroh Dental and dental technician. "I would personally recommend Redline to all businesses that are unsure about how to manage their branding and promotional activities."