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Aqua Arena - Marketing

Updating the logo was the first of many graphic design tasks, followed by creating a new 5-language website –English, Spanish, German, Russian and Georgian – designed with animation and to reflect the company’s presence in Andalusia, the Balearic Islands and Georgia. We created a cute new ‘water man’ logo, designed billboards, car branding, flyers, posters, signs, stickers, adverts and Facebook. Social media was brought up to date in English and Spanish, blogs were posted and a press release announcing the launch.

• Design a new logo and create a fun water based character that will appeal to children
• Design and programme a new website including animation in 5-languages
• Social media management, update graphics, write posts in Spanish and English
• Source merchandise, arrange graphics and printing
• Graphic design posters, flyers, billboards, car branding, displays, adverts, merchandise
• Design and programme a brand new website
• Write and distribute press release, press liaison and press results