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tnfeb2011If you are in the process of creating your own business or taking on a distributorship here in Spain, we suggest that you think seriously about your corporate branding before launching.

If you are starting from scratch you need to come up with a company name. To come up with a company name that works in all languages can be both time consuming and challenging. Your new company name has to work in all languages, be easy to pronounce, resonate with you and your product and if possible be clever at the same time. Redline can help you with this task. We normally do a brainstorming session and make sure that the domain name is free as well. A clever company name will not be as effective online if the matching domain is taken.

Once a company name has been decided on, the next step will be to create the corporate look.

A corporate brand will include the logo with an optional slogan and a design manual.

Here are a couple of thing you should consider when creating your corporate brand:

  • The brand should communicate the identity of the business.
  • Is your company name easy to remember? In all languages? It is easy to pronounce?
  • Does the company name appeal/mean anything to your actual market place? What connotations does it have?
  • If you are creating a business you might want a business name where you can later on add other activities to the business.




If you are taking on a distributorship we will help in creating your promotional material that targets your market but still respects the branding guidelines of the parent company.

If you are the main distributor for a foreign company in Spain it is important to adapt your company´s marketing, where possible, to attract the Spanish Market.

If you are starting up distribution in Spain where rebranding is not possible, you should:

  • Evaluate the material the parent organisation is using and think about how the name of the product will be received in Spanish.
  • Adjust the marketing material so it fits to your current market where possible.
  • Implement marketing strategies and communicate with YOUR target market.

Your corporate branding should focus on authentic qualities - and in the best case it should also communicate credibility to your potential clients.

Redline has experienced that many foreign companies struggle when entering the Spanish market due to the differences in cultural understanding. It is not always enough just to get some text translated into Spanish - you want to really communicate in a way that appeal to the Spanish people.

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