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At Redline we like to stay ahead of the curve sharing the latest marketing techniques and today video is definitely the star. Information garnered by a number of marketing agencies shows that videos are currently the most effective way to engage with customers.

Of course good text is vital but there is no denying the impact of video marketing; it saves time, removes the need to trawl through pages of text and increases interest. This applies to all areas of marketing, particularly social media where creating a buzz is the holy grail, email campaigns, real estate, online shops and much more.

  • 100 million people watch videos online everyday
  • 80% internet users remember video adverts for at least 30 days after watching them and almost 50% take some sort of action
  • 64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product after watching a video
  • 65% of executives would prefer to watch a video than read text
  • 96% increased click through rate on email campaigns

Statistics from: Videobrewery /Online Publishers Association Australia /comScore/Forrester Marketing Group /Forbes Insight/ Implex Marketing

Creating a video is no longer a time consuming or expensive endeavour, Redline works with professional photographer and videographers who can produce a stunning corporate video – contact us today to get yours!

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