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How healthy is your marketing material? If you would like a free, hour-long consultation with our international marketing team, now is the time to act!

Redline Company will sit down with you and analyse your current marketing tools free of charge and suggest improvements. Marketing should be your primary means of communication and the vehicle by which you attract new clients and secure sales. Sometimes marketing material fails to reflect the product or service appropriately. So one of our primary goals will be to ensure that you are representing your business effectively and that it appeals to your target market.

In the current economic climate it is more important than ever to ensure that you have a healthy marketing strategy. Redline Company's founder, Line Lyster, says: "We have decided to offer businesses on the Coast a helping hand, as these are difficult times. At the moment it is more important than ever, that companies’ marketing efforts attract and capture clients first time around, as there is simply no longer any room for mistakes".

We see a lot of businesses trying to conduct their own marketing campaigns, but often with limited results, as they are not broadcasting the correct message to their target market in their material. Sometimes when trying to save money, it ends up costing more than if done properly in the first place. With our NEW FREE MARKETING CHECK-UP we offer companies a chance to receive professional input – free of charge and with no obligation.

Companies market themselves in many ways, from the manner in which staff members answer the phone to their brochures and website; consistency is all.

Is your company doing all it can to attract its target market? Contact Redline Company for a FREE MARKETING CHECK-UP by calling 952 816 678 or visit