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How do you know when you have crossed the Redline? 

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but full-on plagiarism is so uncool.

One of the most serious problems facing creative companies is how to protect your intellectual property. Designers are fighting a constant battle with unscrupulous competitors who have no compunction when it comes to passing off your work as their own. 

Wannabe plagiarists who ‘borrow’, ‘research’ or find ‘inspiration’ – or any other euphemism - from other peoples’ ideas, should at least put a little bit of effort into making them their own. So imagine our surprise when we found that Redline’s original campaigns, artwork, brochures and unique marketing packages are being used on another company’s website …exactly the same, no changes, no tweaks, just Redline but under a different name. 


Joking aside, this is a very serious and potentially costly matter. A copycat company by nature is a pale imitation of the original, which could damage your reputation and dupe your clients into using an inferior service.

If you suspect an individual or company is violating your intellectual property rights, you should take action immediately.

a) Contact a lawyer to get advice on how make the offender cease and desist.
b) Contact your clients to ensure they aren’t duped or bothered unnecessarily.    


It certainly is a jungle out there…   



Please be advised, if you are contacted by any company using elements of Redline’s branding, they are in no way connected to Redline Company and are doing so without authorisation.