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How a marketing makeover can boost your business



We believe that a strong image and clever concept makes all the difference. It goes way beyond a pretty logo, good corporate branding not only raises the value of your brand and makes you stand out from the crowd so that people know who you are, it also motivates employees and provides a clear direction.

In addition to the logo, the brand covers all aspects of the business from customer service to reputation, and if one element is weak this affects the public’s perception of the brand.

Now is not the time to take chances. Let us help you define your brand and convey the right message to attract the right audience. A sharp, clever and clear message is vital to ensure your business can not only weather current storms but can also emerge the other side as a strong player in the market.

Most companies don’t realise the importance of branding to the overall success of the business, but time and time again we prove them wrong. The right image can have a positive affect and has the potential to increase your ROI considerably.

An emotional connection to your target market is crucial. Instant recognisability and an understanding of the company ethos are vital for fostering confidence and trust in the brand, which may even allow you to charge more for your products and services. 


7 ways smart corporate branding can boost your business:

1.  Recognition: We all recognise the simple yet extremely memorable golden arch of McDonalds, so imagine the impact when it is carried through in all marketing and communications. Enough said.

2.  Build trust: Customers recognise that legitimate companies with confidence in their products and services will take the time and money to create a professional brand and deliver high standards.

3.  Community: A strong brand will help you to create a community which is vital for all successful businesses today. This is what social media is all about, your followers (community) will show loyalty.

4.   Brand affinity: Brand purchases are made as a result emotions, rationalisation and behaviour. If your consumers believe in your brand and identify with its core values they are more likely to become loyal customers.

5.  Add Financial value: When a company reaches a certain level, much of the value of a company is based on the value of the brand. The better the brand the greater the financial returns.

6.  Employee pride: A strong brand with a clear vision engenders a sense of purpose, direction and pride in the business.

7.  Reach new markets: Word of mouth referrals are the best form of advertising and this is only possible if you have a strong brand that has delivered a positive experience, be it a product or service.


Image is everything, so let’s make sure yours hits the target.