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Having a web presence is crucial in today's commercial world if you want to attract new business. The first place a potential customer will look for a particular service or product is on the web. If you don't have a web presence, you are missing a world of opportunity. At Redline Company, we have had the pleasure in designing many websites for our customers, and collectively, we have all the knowledge…

All under one roof

All under one roof

We take great pride, here at Redline on our creativity and professionalism and we hold that in high regard in all we do, but we also love to take the opportunity to use that for good in any way we can.  At Christmas we designed the Triple A calendar in conjunction with CJ Hadlow and recently we were given the opportunity to design…

What Is SEO And How Can We Use It To Get More Business?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a term that has been thrown around both online and offline over the last few years and has become a "buzz word" when it comes to the "secret source" of website promotion. But what is it, how does it work and will it help to get us out of this damn…

Launch Event - Marbella Marbella

Launch Event - Marbella Marbella

This weekend the Redline team was invited to a special event in hotel Incosol, celebrating the new concept Marbella-Marbella, to which our graphic designer Lulu had made the logo. The event was featured by Spanish haute couture designer Agustín Torralbo, who displayed his latest Collection which was inspired by the Marbella lifestyle. A special theme

Making Your Business Work

We know that these days making your business work means making the most of every opportunity. Special occasions; Christmas and Easter are, for example, always times when as business owners we can do something special either for our customers or with our marketing. We know it's a time, a chance, to do something…