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How to improve your company page on LinkedIn

How to improve your company page on LinkedIn


Like a mountain goat you must move forward one step at a time and have faith in each step you take.

LinkedIn is one of the most, if not the most, important social networks for businesses. It provides a platform for businesses to grow through brand building and lead generation within both the B2C and B2B markets.  


If you have a business account on LinkedIn, you need to ask yourself whether you are making the most of it. To make sure you are aware of all of LinkedIn’s potential when it comes to promoting your business, this blog will explain the steps you can take to make sure your company’s LinkedIn page is fully optimized.


However, it is important to understand that you should plan your strategy and to allow time for your  account to grow. Like a mountain goat you must move forward one step at a time and have faith in each step you take.



The most effective way to get more people to visit your page is by using keywords. When writing a post or the page description, the keywords used in the text will help make it possible for people to find your page via search engines such as Google. If you need help thinking of some keywords, you could start by looking into your company’s location, industry and specialisms.


Company profile

The first thing people see when viewing your company’s profile is the description and banner. Therefore, you need to ensure that you present a strong and relevant message within the description. This can be achieved by following this checklist:


  • Vision: What future do we want to help create?
  • Mission: How do we create that future?
  • Values: Who are we? How do we work?
  • Positioning: What makes our brand different?
  • Tagline: Our brand summed up in one line.
  • Products/Services: Here’s what we provide.


Corporate branding

The banner image takes up a large amount of space at the top of the account, making it the most important image. This should be styled in your company’s branding, clearly showing the name (and slogan if you have one) and contact details (you can find templates on or Google). Most importantly, you must add a link to your website.



If you are not doing this already, start following 3 popular hashtags which are relevant to your company in the community hashtag panel. When you have added a few hashtags to the community hashtag panel, you can enter a feed where you have the opportunity to react and comment on conversations. This will give your company further exposure to relevant audiences.  


Another way to gain traffic through the community hashtag panel is by mentioning a company or influencer you admire, which of course should not be a competitor. This will increase the likelihood of the company or influencer to repost your comment, which will provide exposure to a new audience that might be interested in your company.



One tool that most people forget to use is Analytics. The Analytics tool gives you an overview of leads, page visitors, followers and competitors. This can be used to your advantage, as you can adjust the content on your page according to the analytics, for example taking into account the age and the gender of your followers.  


Another tried and tested method of increasing the interest in the content on your page is to include plenty of visual content, as unique imagery and videos tend to stand out and grab the viewer’s attention. Dr. Lynell Burmark stated, “…unless our words, concepts, ideas are hooked onto an image, they will go in one ear, sail through the brain, and go out the other ear”.  



One of the best ways to get your LinkedIn page out there is to share it on other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Word of mouth is also important and if you have a team of employees, they could also the LinkedIn account on their profiles.


Finally, and most importantly, regular updates on your company’s LinkedIn account are crucial to inform followers of any updates and remind them of your company. It will also help with your Google ranking, as consistent fresh content helps the search engine recognize your page as an active and valuable source of information. And let’s be honest, no one wants to follow a page that has no new posts!


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