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Make your marketing mobile or miss out



The last 12 months have seen businesses turned on their heads, with job and cost cuts, which include marketing spend. Not surprisingly, one activity that has increased dramatically – time spent on smartphones - in particular social media, as people struggle to keep connected and up to speed on developments during the pandemic. Statista 2020, reported that average US consumer spends around 5 hours per day on their smart phone. Yes 5 hours!

Stats provided by StatCounter202, show that 41.04% of Europe’s total web traffic is via mobile internet. The figures are similarly high around the globe; North America 42.59%, Asia 58% and Africa 60.04%. This is great news for marketers, as it tells us that there is a much bigger audience just waiting to be tapped. The ability to connect instantly to your target market is extremely beneficial for marketing. 


The stats tell the story

Another sobering statistic is that over 50% of users will abandon a mobile page if the load time is too long, making it crucial for websites to be mobile-optimised.

  • 90% of people prefer to receive a text over a call
  • 87% of internet use is via a smartphone
  • 43% of product research is via smartphone
  • 40% of purchases made via smartphone


 The folks at Business of have predicted new changes in social media marketing to cater for the increasing number of B2B and B2C businesses already on Facebook. The soon-to-be-launched new techniques will be aimed at increasing views and engagement and ‘cutting through the noise and competition’.


Mobile Ad Spending set to go through the roof

If you want to know who is spending on mobile advertising, the answer would be everyone! Globally mobile advertising spend has reached around 616 billion US$, making it the go-to advertising channel today. According to MobileMarketing, the pandemic has supercharged this trend but it is expected to continue and the market will grow further.  Google usually leads the way, so it is no surprise that this online behemoth ranks SEO keywords differently on mobile and desktop and is also updating both versions to make them more convenient for users.


Mobile marketing for real estate

How can this help your business? If you feel that you are being dragged kicking and screaming into the digital marketing age, perhaps the stats above have swayed you. Here are 5 practical tips on how to get the best results out of your mobile marketing. The same applies to video or images, if they don’t look good, they won’t work!


Responsive layouts

Whether you are designing a website or a landing page, it’s vital that it is designed and programmed to be responsive for all devices. There is nothing worse than badly thought-out, ill positioned elements and tiny buttons. These are all a big turn off for users.


Create headlines for mobiles

Clever headlines are great but not if they get cut off on a mobile. The first step is to take mobiles into account in your copywriting and also to check and check again that it works during development.


Short paragraphs

Make life easier with shorter paragraphs. They are easier on the eye and to read. Enough said!


CTA buttons

Even though a mobile is much smaller than a desktop, we need the call-to-action buttons to be big enough for people to click, otherwise you may as well not bother.  Adapt the responsive design so that it is created for the best possible user experience.


Mobile email designs

Email marketing is one element of digital marketing that all business can take advantage of, it is super effective and offers high returns on investment (ROI). reports that mobile marketing emails have a 61% open rate. Emails that are poorly formatted for mobiles, including small fonts and buttons, will be deleted in as little as 3 seconds. The answer is simple, design your email so that it looks good on a mobile and you’ll be halfway there.

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