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Still don't know the benefits of Instagram Shopping?


Still don't know the benefits of Instagram Shopping?

Many of you will be wondering what is Instagram Shopping, well… keep reading because we are going to tell you about a great tool that you may be missing.

Instagram has introduced the option of attaching a store to your account. Yes, that’s right a store! 

It is not exactly breaking news to say that social networks have become a powerful platform for businesses, the days of using them to post photos of happy events and holidays are long gone. According to Marketing4ecommerce*, in 2020 72% of Spanish Internet users aged between 16 and 70 use the internet as a purchasing channel, that’s 22.5 million people, and social networks are a great way to make these purchases.

Instagram Shopping works by integrating both Facebook and Instagram to allow a store option on your Instagram profile where users can go to see the products. If they are interested, it redirects them directly to your website where they can buy the goods. In addition, products can be tagged in all posts, allowing for a quick and easy purchase process.

To use this option, you must have a professional account on Instagram and an online store where physical products are sold.

What are the advantages of Instagram shopping?

  • Reach new clients and greater brand recognition. The Instagram platform has an average of 1 billion active users**… nothing more to add!
  • New sales channel. Instagram shopping is a great opportunity to reach new users and increase the number of sales.
  • Easy, reliable and efficient. Instagram offers security and peace of mind to users since it is a recognised platform. In addition, it is very easy to use as it is intuitive and can reach a large audience.

Online sales are the present and the future, are you still missing out on this market?

Update and adapt to join the new digital age!


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