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Why Instagram is great for businesses

Why Instagram is great for businesses

Unless you live on the moon, you’ll know that social media is one of the most important online marketing tools around, as it allows businesses to connect directly with potential clients. One of the most exciting platforms is Instagram, as attested by the 1 billion active monthly users (TechCrunch).


Launched in 2010, Instagram is the third most popular social media platform in the world, snapping closely at the heels of the two market leaders Facebook and YouTube.


Impact of Instagram on businesses

From a marketer’s point of view, Instagram offers tremendous scope for users to discover new content, which means companies can get their brand seen whilst creating the desired visual impact.


If you consider that 83% of users say that they heard about new products and services on Instagram (Facebook 2019), you get an idea of just how effective visual posts can be.


And the addition of Instagram’s Story feature in 2016 allowing users to post temporary videos and photos that will be deleted after 24-hours has encouraged even more sharing. According to Instagram stats, there are over 500 million Instagram accounts using Stories every day and almost one third of these Stories are posted by businesses.  Stories has been a runaway success, making Instagram the favoured story sharing platform for advertisers and influencers.


Engagement between users and brands (comments, likes or shares) increased by 29% from Q4 2017 to Q2 to 2018 (Socialbakers). The visual nature of the platform means that you can be creative in your content, which in turn generates greater interest, and the more engaging the content the more connections you will make.


Instagram is constantly evolving, introducing new services like Instagram Checkout which make it possible to buy products from a post. This is fantastic when you consider that 72 per cent of users say that they purchased something based on what they saw on Instagram, which means Instagram is covering each stage of the customer journey, from the initial inspiration, through to research, the decision and finally the purchase.


Do you know…?

72% of users have purchased a product first seen on Instagram (Business Insider Deutschland)

71% of online marketers provide consumer insights to other departments from social media

77% of consumers more likely to buy from a brand they follow

67% of consumers more likely to spend more on a brand they follow

50% of consumers follow brands to learn about new products

(Social media today June 2019)


Here are 3 reasons why social media, particularly Instagram, is vital to have for your business:


Manage your company’s image

Having an Instagram account gives your company a visual identity which can help increase brand awareness. The company’s social media page provides the opportunity to project ideas, values and images which support your company’s vision, so that your audience can identify and ultimately engage with your brand.


Return on Investment

The relatively low advertising costs and potentially vast reach, make social media an important online marketing tool. Take Instagram; setting up an account is quick and easy, and like other social networking platforms it is free. There is also the option to include paid adverts in your Instagram campaigns, alternatively you can spend the time being active, sharing your content, products and comments to naturally reach people who are interested in your business. 


Engagement with your customers

There is no doubt that social media is a fantastic tool for influencing and interacting with your audience.  Direct communication with customers is the best way to get their attention, it is also the easiest way to respond to any questions, queries or criticisms instantly. Customers appreciate an instant reply, as it makes them feel more valued and stimulates trust in the company. It’s a great way to grow customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Lots of brands have made their Instagram accounts a real pleasure to follow and with right combination of imagination, skill and professionalism, you can do the same for your business.


Tips for rocking Instagram

Tip 1 Give it some pizzazz. You’ll get more engagement if you’re sharing interesting stuff, such as live streams, videos, events or fantastic photos.


Tip 2 Keep it fresh. Make your followers want to find out what’s going on. Give them news amongst the fabulous photo updates and tease them with the details.


Tip 3 Keep it real. Don’t be fake and don’t try too hard. You want people to trust your brand and relate to your company.


Tip 4 Show the people behind the brand.


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