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A Picture Tells A Thousand Words

Visual content is a fantastic marketing tool for business and in fact, you could argue that it is a vital resource for brands to showcase their services or products.

At Redline Company, we feel photography and video content has never been so important from a marketing perspective. Did you know that over 90 per cent of communication is non-verbal? Or that a captivating photo can influence your emotion and can solicit you to take an action?

Our in-house photographer and videographer, Peter Staes, is the perfect complement to your marketing. Read on to find out more about Peter and what he can do for your business.


 Peter Staes Photography       Peter Staes Photography


Peter Staes Photography       Peter Staes Photography

Having earnt a Master in Visual Arts and specialising in photography, Peter is perfectly positioned to offer creativity and perfection to photography and videography projects.

Peter started as a fulltime photographer back in 2000 and quickly racked up a portfolio of projects across women´s magazines, including fashion, beauty, profiles and restaurants. In fact, it was from there that Peter learnt his skill for commercial food photography.

Food photography shows a certain depth and attention to detail to perfect an image which invites you to take a bite. Peter´s passion for gastronomy has led him to work with a number of the Michelin starred restaurants on the World´s Best Restaurants list.

Peter explains, “Michelin chefs have a philosophy and great idea about their dishes. The photography has to put the chef´s identity into the photos, while showing a fresh and inviting dish. The setting of the plates, the styling and creativity of the shot. Reflecting the texture; the crunch or the softness as you take the first bite. All of this can be reflected in a single image.”

This attention to detail has been carried through into Peter´s corporate work with Redline. For example, portraying the managing director of a company isn´t as simple as taking a portrait photo. Should it be natural, impressive or dramatic? And how should this emotion work with the brand and the businesses´ story.

Peter says, “Photography tells a story. It should tell the story of the business or the people behind it.” The talent of photography is to understand the dynamic of the situation or the business. Peter spends time speaking with clients to get a feeling of the brand, listening to them to interpret their thoughts and ideas.

By having this breadth of experience, Peter is able to work more quickly and efficiently. It doesn´t take him long to set up the shots to get the result desired. “It´s all in the eye,” he says.


  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Editing and finishing
  • Post production

Did you know Peter´s services are included within our marketing packages? If you need some visuals to help your business tell its story, contact your Redline Company Account Manager now or get in touch here