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Meet The Team

We want to introduce you to the Redline team


LINE LYSTERMeet the team1



Director and Founder

Line Lyster is the big boss! She is a true entrepreneur and team leader.  Always a go-getter and focused on achieving success in everything she does.  Rising to the top quickly as the Senior Marketing Manager at Ocean Estates prior to starting Redline Company in 2004, she is a marketing force to be reckoned with.  We have no idea where she gets her unlimited source of energy from (it could however be from all the chocolate she eats)…She doesn't seem to have an off switch!


Visual conceptualisation | Entrepreneur | Marketing strategy | Team managment and building | Online marketing | Business strategy | Graphic design | Press liaison | Office adverting production and conceptualisation | Production of video commercials







Meet the team2




Copywriter | Accoun Manager |  Press Liaison

Lorna is an avid reader, if she isn't writing, she can be find at her desk reading articles, blogs and newspapers. At the weekend, you guessed it - she'II still be reading but browsing magazines on the beach, trying to write the next chapter of her long awaited novel or planning her next trip to Rome. Lorma has an eye for details that she carries through into everything she does, including her coffee, which must be Pantone colour 4635 C. Like all animal lovers and Redline employees... she has a big heart


Creative copywriting | SEO copywriting | Press release writing | Press liaison | Project management




Meet the team3





South African and German


Digital Marketing | SEM | PPC Specialist

Let's not be shy about it…Tiffany is a nerd. She is proud to be one and absolutely loves anything in the digital marketing arena. You will find her scouring the internet for the latest trends and movements in the digital world even on weekends.  A pet lover with a big heart and always willing to help! But don't give her coffee…she quite literally bounces off the walls.


Online advertising (Google Adwords, Bing, Social media advertising) | Social media management | Strong analytical ability | Email marketing | SEM | SEO | PPC campaigns | A/B split testing






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Web Developer

Alberto is quite surprising…a talented web developer who bakes cakes. (His Japanese cheesecake is out of this world!)  To balance out his sedentary computer job, he is often ‘shooting 'em up' in paintball or playing (and winning) football with his Seville team.


Web design | Web programming | HTML | CSS | PHP | XML | JQUERY | Javascript | C/C++ systems | PYTHON | PERL | Responsive websites | CMS systems: Modx, Magento, Alfresco, Moodle, Joomla, Wordpress | IT systems Windows and Linux | IT security 






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Graphic Designer

Diana is an extremely talented graphic designer.  She started as an intern in Redline, loved the team so much and didn't want to leave. So she is now a permanent member of Redline. Her creativity is clearly reflected in her continually changing hairstyle and colour, and her obsession with anything Disney related. Ambitious and driven she lives by the Toy Story motto “Reach for the sky”!


Graphic design | Video production | Public relations | Social media | Marketing campaign creation and management | translation 






 Meet the team6








Graphic Designer

Pilar is a very creative graphic designer with an inquiring mind always looking to face new creative challenges. Loving the digital world, she uses Pinterest as one of her favourite sources for inspiration and trends. Illustrating children books is one of her hobbies. 


Graphic design | Web design | Wordpress | Branding | Illustration