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Lulu's Redline quantum time theory

If you have ever wondered how we come up with so many original design ideas, look no further than the partnership between founder Line and graphic designer Lulu, who this year celebrates 5 years with the company.

luluOriginally from Argentina, Lulu has 14 years of design experience, learning her art whilst working for large international brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ford, Sedal and Lux, undertaking demanding, intense tasks that needed attention virtually 24-hours a day. Living on a heady mix of adrenalin, stress and the satisfaction of a job well done!

Once she had earned her design stripes she moved to Spain, where the pace of life outside work is much slower but inside the Redline office it is just as fast, furious and great fun.

Lulu explains her 5 years working at Redline, as ‘quantum time’ - the days are like hours and the hours are like seconds, saying “Five years at Redline is like 10 at a ‘normal’ agency. The environment is fantastic. I feel completely at home working with a unique group of people, starting with my ‘boss’ who is one of a kind. We all have the same ideals and understand the power of solid team. It’s a totally different lifestyle and I love it!”