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Facebook launches new 'save' feature

It’s important to keep on top of new developments and to pass on useful information to our clients. Here is some interesting news about Facebook…they have recently added a new feature!

It used to be that if you didn’t check out a video or link when it’s posted in a newsfeed immediately you wouldn’t be able to. Now, Facebook has introduced a new feature that lets you flag items to view later at your leisure. The feature launched at the end of July, is available on Android, iOS and the web. You will find it under the ‘more’ tab on Facebook’s mobile app and on desktops you’ll find it in the Facebook side bar under ‘save’.

Facebook confirmed that all ‘saved’ content is private and can only be seen by the person who flagged it unless you share it with your friends. But you will need access to the internet to view the links. Grateful as we are, it should be mentioned that Facebook aren’t simply being magnanimous by introducing this feature, it will serve as an effective
tool for tracking your preferences and interests.