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Lead generation at its most lucrative - Taurus Development Finance

There’s nothing quite like seeing the results of a successful campaign to get us excited and this is certainly the case with start-up company Taurus Development Finance. Redline was approached by founder and director Jerard Phillips to help him set up a brand new company that would act as a bridge between investors – venture capitalists, hedge funds and private individuals - actively looking to finance development projects between 100k to 1million and developers looking for short term flexible funding in the UK. 

The first task was to produce an eye-catching corporate branding that is both relevant to the product and easily identifiable for the company, creating a feisty looking black bull to reflect the stockbroking term ‘bull market’ and to match the client’s favourite strapline…‘lending without the bull’. That done, the next step was to implement an online marketing plan to target and capture developers seeking finance, which was achieved by writing and designing a fully optimised landing page complete with a strong call to action and data capture. 

In order for the campaign to produce good quality leads, we researched keywords for both optimisation and to feature in a Google Adwords campaign specifically written to reflect the service offered to drive precisely targeted traffic to the landing page. A combination of A/B testing, close monitoring and fine tuning was adopted to ensure the best possible returns, resulting in loan applications worth over £100m in just over 1.5 months.

Alongside the landing page, we also designed and built a brand new stand-alone website to provide information about Taurus Development Finance. Working closely with the client we produced all of the content including a strong call to action and data capture form on each page. In due course, we will look at creating a dedicated PPC campaign for the website. 

More information about Taurus Development Finance can be found on the website at


Watch the below video of Jerard Phillips talking about his experience with Redline Company.