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International Women’s Day 2014 will take place on 21st October at Andalucia Lab (El Rosario, Marbella)

Redline Company is delighted to hear that this year’s International Women’s Day will be held at the Andalucia Lab, as both causes deserve as much publicity as possible.  The event offers women in business on the Costa del Sol the opportunity to meet like-minded people and Andalucía Lab is a business facility that gives many small to medium companies a helping hand by providing free access to vital business services, seminars, coaching and networking events.

Promoted under the strapline, “Connect, inspire, enable, support” the International Women’s Day 2014 is the largest annual event of its type on the Costa del Sol. The day will kick off at 9.30am with registrations and a welcome speech before the keynote speakers, including Ali Meehan (founder of networking group Costa Women), José Luis Córdoba (Managing Director of Andalucia Lab) and Pancho Campo (co-founder of HC_Live international sports, music, gastronomy and environmental events coordinator and marketing expert) to name but a few to address the attendees.

Speeches covering specific topics will include, ‘marketing your business on the Costa del Sol’, ‘managing your business; before, during and after the crisis’, ‘working with different cultures’ and a number of items covering the different aspects of social media and its place in business.

Throughout the day there will be a total of 9 speakers, a networking lunch and coffee breaks, finishing at around 6pm with a cocktail networking session where speakers, delegates and women who couldn’t attend during the day, can mingle and meet new contacts.

The price for a full day including lunch and coffee is just 30€ (20€ with Costa Women discount) and 15€ for the half day.

Tickets are available from the  and you can get a discount if you use the promo code CostaWomenRock. You can join Costa Women via the website at and membership is free.