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Redline makes Glow shine brighter

One of our favourite projects this year has to be Glow Wellness & Fitness based in Puerto Banús. Our appointment at the beginning of May coincided with their 2nd year anniversary, which meant that our first duties were PR and press liaison to generate coverage (in the English, German, Russian and Spanish press) about a day of activities and a swanky evening cocktail party.

As a VIP client, Glow has access to the Redline team for up to 100 hours each month, allowing us to get involved in planning and implementing marketing for all four divisions - Glow Wellness & Fitness, Glow Café, Glow Beauty and Rubikon (real estate) – making it a complex and exciting project.

Tasks so far have included designing a fresh new look and logo for the soon to be launched Glow Beauty Centre and creating new menus, price lists, flyers, billboards, posters, advertisements and merchandise…working in three different languages (English, Spanish and Russian) and much more.

Social media is another channel that Redline has taken in-hand. Introducing a cohesive plan of posts and interaction designed to increase engagement by broadening the subject matter and tightening the quality, so that a programme of regular blogs, Facebook and Twitter posts are relevant, informative and interesting.

The activities generated by Glow Wellness & Fitness division alone provide a wealth of photos and news about events, classes, schedules, tips on the best forms of exercise to burn fat, get fit or gain muscle etc.…so imagine what we can achieve by adding Glow Beauty and Café are added to the mix. Since they pack such a punch, we have also encouraged the use of fresh up-to-date professional photographs and videos on social media and on the website. Check out the latest video.

And it doesn’t stop there…we not only arrange and implement the campaigns, we have also attended the Glow Marbella Luxury Weekend beauty demonstration, Glow’s 2nd year anniversary party and several exercise classes…Yoga, ciclo, zumba to name just a few!

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