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Redline’s internship programme

Do you know that Redline works with interns from universities all over Europe? At any one time, alongside our six regular members of staff, we could have up to 3 additional helpers swelling the ranks.

We’ve had students from Holland, Germany, Bulgaria, Poland, Sweden, Spain, the UK and Lithuania, each with different personalities and interests but all keen on marketing. Whether they specialise in graphic design, website design or cinematography doesn’t matter but they need to speak English ( if they speak Spanish as well even better) and be eager to learn.

Redline provides guidance, supervision and a final assessment and in return we benefit from a constant flow of new ideas and inspiration. The interns get involved with everything from client meetings, photography to filming a corporate video for Redline, here’s one created in 2013 by Vismante Ruzgaite a keen film student from Lithuania.

If you would like information about applying for an internship at Redline Company email us at

We asked our current interns, Jonas Cortnum (Denmark) and Gerda Gružauskaitė (Lithuania) what they have gained by their experience working with Redline. Here is what they said…

Jonas Cortnum

Jonas explains, “I’m really excited to be working with Redline, not least because it’s sunny here and very cold in Denmark. I have learnt something new every day and I really enjoy working with the team on live projects, particularly website design”.

Gerda Gružauskaitė

“I was impressed by the range of marketing services Redline provides and I want to try all the different fields before deciding what to specialise in. Since I’ve been here I’ve learnt a million useful things and working on live projects and seeing the results is the best feeling in the world.”