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What is Pinterest?

You will probably have heard of the different social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc… but you may not know if your business could benefit from being on them. And if your business is already active on social media…are you using it effectively?

What is Pinterest?

In short, Pinterest is a tool for collating online videos and images such as the products you sell or designs you have created etc. If your images are interesting, other users will ‘pin’ and share them, which in turn will share the link to the original image … and ultimately drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest drives more referral traffic to websites and blogs than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. The only social media platform driving more traffic is Facebook.

How Pinterest works for businesses?

• Increases traffic to your website and blogs
• Low cost method to showcase products
• Get seen and build brand awareness

Confused! Don’t be…

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