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Laura Pilgrim


Laura is from a small sunny island in the North of Germany. After finishing high school, she wanted some new inspiration and find a new adventure, so she started to travel and work in different countries. After over two years of travelling she settled down in the Netherlands to study International Marketing. Laura is very interested in all the creative parts of Marketing and now wants to apply the learned theory into practice. While working and living in Spain she wants to learn a new language and get closer to the Spanish culture.


  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo


  • Drawing and design
  • Fashion design
  • Languages


  • Is a constant traveller who is always looking for new adventures and challenges
  • Lived in Germany, Australia, Israel and South Africa
  • To refuel her energy she loves to spend time close to the ocean
  • She loves to cook and to try out traditional dishes from different countries
  • Vegetarian